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Small Theatres, Marionettes   from Commedia dell’Arte to Pinocchio


We are  a craft company specialized in handmade, hand painted marionettes. We  make wooden theatres that reproduce old prosceniums (XIX century) by means of anastatic reprints glued on wood. The different parts of the theatres are fretted, assembled and painted by hand.


We have drawn inspiration for our latest production of puppets and marionettes from the artistic tradition of Commedia dell’Arte, which is still very popular in so many European countries. Our aim is to meet the interest of a niche of collectors and enthusiasts; step by step, we have built up a large collection of very well known characters and types who still attract a wide public, varied in age and tastes.


Pulcinella, Arlecchino, Colombina, the King, the Queen, the Captain, the Devil …… are just some of the most famous ones.  In recent years, the popularity of street festivals and performances, which have a lot of references to Commedia dell’Arte, proves the vitality of this creative trend.  We have also taken to the stage of our small wooden theatres the characters of world famous tales: Alice, the young girl in search for extraordinary experiences, the bizarre Queen of Hearts, the Cat with boots, Pinocchio, the Blue-haired Fairy, the Cat and the Fox, the talking Cricket and many others.

A lively company which belongs to the fanciful world of childhood but still reminds us of curiosity, transgression, growing up and learning how not to fall into the traps of deceitful friends. So that, in the end, we can better appreciate the value of friendship and the richness of imagination.


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